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March 10, 2010

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In 2008 & 2009, I undertook an internship at the Australian National Maritime Museum. As part of this, I got to put together some entries on my work for their blog.

Here they are:

A Mauser in the House?

My name’s Dave Earl and I’m a volunteer intern in the curatorial department of the museum. For the past six months I’ve been researching and documenting the museum’s collection of naval and civilian small-arms.

I’m no expert on weaponry—when I’m not at the museum I’m undertaking a PhD in social and cultural history at the University of Sydney— but the project is providing a great chance to become familiar with the museum’s staff, collections, and registration processes…

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On and off the HMVS Cerberus

My name’s Dave Earl and, as reported in my last post, I’ve been busy researching the museum’s collection of naval small arms.

One of the attractions of this project has been following the lives and careers of the seamen who owned used the objects I’ve been examining. Scattered amongst drier details of calibres, dates, and manufacturers are stories, details of past lives…

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Project Wrap Up

A year’s passed and I’ve finally finished researching and re-cataloguing the museum’s collection of maritime small arms and accessories. All up, I’ve looked at nearly fifty guns, swords, knives and pikes, as well as one walking-stick rumoured to house a sword. Sadly, it turned out to be a simple cane, and thus fell outside my brief…

Read the whole of that post…

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