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REGS Introduction Videos

November 10, 2013

Illustrative Bar

So for the last week or so I’ve been helping my colleagues at the Race and Ethnicity in the Global South research collaborative put together some introduction videos for our blog and YouTube channel.

It’s been quite a lot of fun. We’ve shot the videos in 1080p using a Canon S100 compact camera mounted on a tripod, plus an old mic plugged into my laptop. I’ve cut them together using Windows Live Movie Maker. This is quite a good program for basic free editing, but it seems to lack many features that more sophisticated editors have (multiple audio tracks, etc). That feature would be especially useful given the constant ringing of the Carillion we are subjected to at the REGS offices.

We’re quite pleased how the videos have come out, given the primitive equipment used.

The first two videos, from me and Sarah Walsh, are already up on YouTube. There will be more– including a must-watch out-takes video– over the next few weeks.

I was boggled by what a nutter I looked like when I watched the footage of myself. I’m not sure whether I look like this in real life, but figured I’d just deal with it. I think I’m kind of channelling The Doctor with a small amount of The Joker thrown in. Oh well, no wonder everyone seems so amused with my lectures… I thought they were laughing with me.

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